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What should be in a workplace First Aid Kit?

This is a question that does not have one simple answer. The key reason being is that every workplace is different and therefore the risks faced are different meaning that first aid requirement will be different.

British Standard (BS 8599) compliant First Aid Kits have been designed to provide minimum recommended contents for treating common injuries in today’s workplaces. Whilst these kits do provide the contents for dealing with the most common injuries they may not provide sufficient contents for dealing with all the injury risks within your organisation.

Employers must complete a first aid risk assessment to identify the potential injuries that may occur in their workplace. As a result of this risk assessment it may be necessary for additional contents to be added to the first aid kit, this may be in the form of additional products or a higher quantity of products already supplied in a workplace first aid kit. The risk assessment may also identify the need to provide first aid kits in more locations across the workplace.

It is also important to recognise that there may be different levels of risks in different parts of a workplace. For example, a workplace may have a factory space as well as an office space. In this situation it is likely that there will be a lower risk in the office space than in the factory space and therefore the first aid requirements will be different for each. As such a separate first aid risk assessment should be conducted for these different areas of the workplace.

Below is a guide to which size workplace first aid kit you may require as well as contents list of the British Standard Compliant Workplace First Aid Kits. It is important to remember that these only provide a guide to the number and size of kits that may be required and to the minimum recommended contents that may be required. Only through conducting a risk assessment can an employer identify the exact contents required for their workplace.



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