The obvious place for First Aid

Workplace First Aid Advice

Each year in the UK workplace numerous employees die, are seriously injured or receive minor injuries. An employer should provide appropriate first aid kits containing products to deal with injuries likely to happen in their workplace. There should also be appropriately trained staff to administer first aid.

First Aid courses are available throughout the UK, if an employer needs one to five employees trained then it is probably best to send them to an established first aid provider. Alternatively if there are more than five candidates it may be more cost effective to use a provider that can send an instructor to your workplace to carry out the training.

What to do if someone is injured in an accident?

First check that the area the casualty is situated in is safe and that no additional harm will occur to you or the casualty. For example if an employee has been electrocuted make sure the electric current has been switched off at the mains.

Secondly if the employee has sustained serious injuries then call 999 or 112 for an ambulance.

Third, carry out basic first aid.

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