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Why should I use Purell hygenic hand rub?

Purell Hygienic hand rub is an alcohol based hand gel which is proven to be effective at killing 99.9% of the most common harmful germs. Unlike hand wash this sanitising hand rub is designed to be used without the need for water, soap or paper towels making it not only an effective method for managing hand hygiene but also a convenient method. With various options including belt clips, wall mountable brackets and dispensers, Purell hand gel can be located in multiple locations or applied on the move. Purell hygienic hand gel is formulated with moisturisers to leave the hands feeling soft but also making it suitable for regular use.

This sanitising hand gel is designed to be used on lightly soiled hands, enough to cover the whole hand must be applied (this is usually about 3ml). It should then be rubbed over the entire hand surface between the fingers and under the nails for a minimum of 30 seconds. With no need for water or towels the hand gel can simply be left to evaporate.

Purell hygienic hand rub is ideal for preventing the spread of infection and germs in many settings including schools, nurseries, offices, factories, catering environments, hospitals and care homes.

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