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Should I use a Latex Glove?

Natural rubber latex is a real healthcare issue today. Latex-sensitive people can face serious health risks if they come into contact with products containing latex rubber.

Today there is no known cure for latex allergies except avoiding contact with latex products altogether.

Some of the allergic reactions experienced include redness, itchiness and sores which can occur 24 hours after exposure. In more serious cases symptoms can include rhinitis, conjunctivitis and even asthma which can occur within minutes.

If you are Latex-sensitive there are a couple of other options you have when choosing Examination Gloves, for example vinyl gloves and nitrile gloves.

There is current legislation in place for manufacturers to advice consumers on the packaging if a product contains latex and this is normally endorsed by the “contains latex symbol”.


However, there is no requirement to state that a product is “latex-free” therefore if there isn’t a symbol the product should not contain latex.

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