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How to Use a HypaCool Instant Cold Pack

HypaCool Instant Ice Packs are a simple and fast way to provide cold treatment in the acute stages of injury. They do not need to be placed in the freezer before use, as upon activation an endothermic reaction inside the bag absorbs heat from the bag’s surroundings, decreasing the bag’s temperature rapidly.

The outer bag contains water and the inner pouch contains urea, which react when the inner pouch is broken and its contents are able to react with the water.

CO(NH2)2 + H20 –> CO2 + 2NH3
Urea + Water –> Carbon Dioxide + Ammonia

To activate the cold pack simply:

 1) Shake the bag, to ensure the contents are at the bottom
2) Find the inner pouch inside the outer bag and squeeze until it breaks, without breaking the outer bag
 3) Shake to mix the water and urea
4) Apply to injury, ensuring a dressing is placed between the skin and cold pack to prevent frostbite

Instant Cold Packs should be stored at room temperature. If contents are ingested, make contact with eyes, skin or an open wound, contact a physician whilst drinking lots of water, or flushing with water respectively.

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