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How do I use an evacuation chair?

Locate your evacuation chair (usually based at the top of an escape stair well) and take the cover off. Next unfold the chair by releasing the belt clip and pull out the rear support wheels. Help the person that needs to be evacuated into the chair, fasten the safety belt and wheel them to the top of the stairs. Push the rear support wheels back to the chair and with a firm controlled push, move the chair onto the stairs. At this point the rubber tracks contacting the stairs are designed as a breaking mechanism and allow the user to control the speed of the decent.

Once on the correct level to leave the building the rear support wheels are pulled out and the user can wheel the chair to the designated evacuation point.

Training for users is available and recommended; it helps to build confidence and covers some very important do’s and dont’s when using the chair.

1/2 Day courses are available from Safety First Aid Training.

These evacuation chairs are used for descending stairs wells only, they are not designed to ascending. An evacuation chair may be used if a stair well has corners but it will depend on the width and height of the stairs. A trail demonstration would be advised before purchase.

Where should I locate my evacuation chair?

The location of your evacuation chair should be on an escape route on the floor that is to be used. The evacuation chairs have wall brackets and fold to minimise the space required. If there are multiple exit stair wells then a central point or additional chairs should be considered and also if employees are based on more than one level.


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