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What type of first aid plaster do I need?

In the UK there are a number of different type of plasters, which are sometimes also know as adhesive dressings. Plasters come in variety and of types and sizes so choosing the correct plaster is important.

The most important question to answer is what type of plaster do I need?

The three most common types of plasters are washproof, fabric or blue plasters.

Pink washproof plasters are commonly used in first aid kits. They are a universal plastic plaster which can be used in most situations. The term washproof means that they also offer some resistance to water when they are worn.

Fabric plasters are a durable option for when you want the plaster to stick well to the skin and stay in place for extended periods of time. However fabric plasters are not suited to use in environments where the plaster might get wet.

Blue plasters are common in the catering and food industries. They are generally made from plastic so they are suitable for use in conditions where the plaster may come into contact with water. Fortunately there are few blue foods which means if a blue plaster falls in food during preparation it can be easily spotted by the eye. The blue colour makes blue plasters visually detectable. However many blue plasters also tend to be metal detectable. There is normally a fine metal strip hidden beneath the wound pad on the plaster. In larger food processing environments this means prepared food can be passed through a metal detector and even if a blue plaster had fallen into a food product and could not be visually detected it would be picked up by the metal detector in the factory. Blue metal detectable plasters are typically used by factories producing ready meals and salads for the major supermarkets.

When choosing a plaster it is important to understand whether a pink washproof plaster, fabric plaster or blue detectable plasters is most suitable for the environment in which the plaster will be used.

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