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What Type of First Aid Case Should I Select?

There are many options for first aid cases and the decision as to which one is right for you comes down to the individual circumstances whether this be for your workplace, sports club, school or for personal use.

The three main options of selection or:

  • Hard first aid cases (also known as rigid first aid cases
  • Soft first aid cases (also known as first aid bags)
  • First aid cabinets

Hard Cases:
Hard first aid cases are typically made from rigid plastic and provide sturdy protection and storage of your first aid supplies. Hard cases range from simple designs where content is loosely stored within the case to options with shelves or dividing compartments. In addition to this ABS case can provide added protection from dust and moisture making them ideal for harsher environments.
Most hard first aid cases are either supplied with or can be combined with a wall mounting bracket. This allows the kits to be mounted in a fixed visible location. The brackets allow the kits to be easily located and quickly removed from the bracket so the kit can be taken to the incident without delay.


Soft bags:
Soft bags provide an alternative storage solution that can be lightweight and easily transported. Soft bag options include compact bags ideal for easy storage such as is desk draws or small spaces. Transportable options include haversack and response bags which provide storage for larger kits but also include a shoulder strap for on the move.
Soft bags often include compartments for organising kit content making items easy to locate when it is needed in an emergency situation.


First Aid Cabinets:
First aid cabinets provide an ideal storage option for larger first aid kits. Suitable for mounting on walls these metal cabinets provide a fixed first aid point. With a larger storage capacity they a perfect option for higher risk environments where a greater range of first aid supplies is required or where there is high usage of first aid content.


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