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What type of dressing should I have in my workplace first aid kit?

There are many different types and design of dressing available to purchase but for the workplace first aid kit there are a few rules. All dressings must be in sterile packaging, there will be an expiry date marked on each item and this must be removed from the kit once it has been reached the expiry date (these dressings can be used for training purposes). Within the BS 8599 and HSE kit contents are a number of different sizes, these include finger dressings, eye dressing, small, medium, large and extra-large dressings.

Other types of dressings can also be added to a workplace first aid kit if required. These may include water proof, low adherent, skin closure strips, blister, adhesive dressing, ambulance dressing for large wounds and dressings to aid burn injuries. These products are manufactured by many well-known brands (BSN Medical, Johnson & Johnson and Smith + Nephew) as well as specialist first aid companies which can offer cost savings from their own branded products.

It is important that when deciding which dressing should be in your workplace first aid kit, that the work activities and possible injuries that may occur are taken into consideration. This will help you to understand what will be required in your kit.

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