The obvious place for First Aid

Sports Tape Techniques advises its customers to learn correct sports tape techniques to help the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries. The nature of taping is utilising either rigid (Zinc Oxide Tape) or supportive adhesive tape (EAB Tape) in order to provide protection and support to soft tissues and joined. A critical point is to retain functionality of the joint strapped while providing an adequate level of support for the area.

Taping is ideal for injury care and protection and helps hold dressings and pads in place. It also compresses recent injuries, thus reducing bleeding and swelling and hence shortening the recovery time. It also:

  • Protects from further injury by supporting ligaments and tendons
  • Limits unwanted joint movement
  • Allows healing without stressing the injured structures
  • Protects and supports the injured structure in a functional position during the exercise and during injury related exercises.

Utilising Sports Tape also helps prevent injury when a person returns to activity ensuring the muscle and joint movement is within safe limits.

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