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Sam Splint Product Information

The Sam Splint is built from a core of aluminium alloy sandwiched between two layers of closed-cell foam. It is an extremely strong splint and can be bent into any of three simple cures to form an extremely strong and rigid support to any fractured or injured limb.

The product is waterproof, lightweight, radiolucent, fastens into place with wrap or tape, unaffected by atmospheric conditions, the foam allows it for easy cleaning and disinfection. The Sam Splint is also latex free.

Even though it is an extremely strong splint, it can be cut to smaller size with normal household scissors. This means that almost any bone in the body can be splinted. It can also be used in emergency situations to form a cervical collar to protect neck injuries.

The Sam Splint is the first choice for healthcare professionals and is widely used by military medics, sports trainers, sky patrollers, vets and other professionals. The Sam Splint is so strong that it can be used as an emergency canoe paddle or snow shovel!

Lenght: 90cm
Weight: 0.13kg

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