The obvious place for First Aid

Responding tp Sudden Cardiac Arrest

How will you know what signs to look for when someone is having a sudden cardiac arrest?

A person will collapse or fall to the ground, become unresponsive to touch or verbal stimulation and will not breath normally i.e. short breaths or not be breathing at all.

The first action would be to start CPR as quickly as possible, if there are people around ask someone to call for an ambulance. Start chest compressions by pushing hard and fast in the middle of the persons chest (compressions should be approx 100 beats per minute), if there are other people with you, ask someone to take over after a couple of munites, this will keep the compressions up to a good standard. CPR is an easy and effective way of doubling the person’s change of survival.

Carry on giving CPR until the Ambulance Service arrives, or if an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is available follow the instructions provided by the AED, this will usually be voice prompts, which are activated by lifting the lid of the AED.

When you have placed the electrodes in the correct place as indicated by the diagrams on the AED, the machine will check the rhythm of the heart, if fibrillation (irregular heart rhythm) is detected the AED will gave voice prompts as to when a shock is going to be given.

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