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Remember, remember, first aid for 5th of November


With Bonfire Night just couple of days away, don’t forget to get your first aid supplies to be prepared for any incidents that may occur. Every year around 1000 people suffer from a firework-related injury with most of them being under -18s. Being prepared with adequate first aid supplies can save lives and help you react quickly in case of emergency. Essential first aid supplies for Bonfire Night include: burn gel, non-fluffy dressings, eye wash and eye pads. A first aid bum bag is ideal to provide portable storage of your first aid supplies.

The safest way to enjoy Bonfire Night is attending an organised public display as most of firework injuries happen at private parties. If you are organising your own party for Bonfire Night make sure that the fireworks that you buy have the “CE” mark on their packaging and are BS 7114 compliant.

At all time children should be kept away from fireworks. Sparklers should not be given to any children under 5 and children over 5 years ild should be supervised if using sparklers. Remember that fireworks are not toys.

At we have put together a basic first aid guide on how to deal with burns and eye injuries, the most common injuries during Bonfire Night.

How to deal with burns:

  • First check for danger. Take the casualty to a safe location.
  • Pour cold water over the area for at least 10 minutes to take the heat away.
  • Once the burn has cooled try to remove any jewellery that may constrict the area as it will swell.
  • Cover the burn with kitchen film or place a clean plastic bag over the burn and seek medical help. A non-fluffy dressing can also be used to cover the burn.
  • In case of a severe burn call the emergency medical services as soon as possible.
  • If the casualty is a child or if the burn is on the feel, hands or face, highly recommends hospital treatment as soon as possible.
  • Most important: Do not panic!

Burns First Aid Guidance

How to deal with eye injuries:
- If dust or dirst got into the eye, wash the eye out with cold clean water or eyewash until the grit or dust is removed. It is advised to cover the eye with an eye pad after it has been cleaned and seek medical advice to ensure there has been no damage to the eye.
- If a foreign body got into the eye, please do not try to remove it. Try to cover around the foreign object and seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Eye Injuries First Aid Guidance

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