The obvious place for First Aid

Be prepared for First Aid Emergency in Winter

The current bad weather in parts of the USA and reports of people suffering injuries and getting stranded in their vehicles highlights the importance of having emergency kits in our vehicles. The UK has also experienced some extreme weather and the Met Office is forecasting a worsening of the weather.

When preparing to travel in such extreme weather, we tend to think of the obvious things to put in the boot of our car such as flashlights, jumper cables and emergency triangles. These are equipment aimed at getting our vehicle operational again. Not many of us consider first aid kits and foil blankets in the event we are not able to get the vehicle operational immediately.

Foil blankets should be as important as the equipment mentioned above. If we are ever stranded in winter and we are not able to get our vehicle restarted, there wll be no sorce of warmth. Foil blankets can be used to preserve body heat and prevent hypothermia.

One other equipment that should be in your vehicle is a First Aid Kit. A First Aid Kit should ideally be in your vehicle all year round and not just in winter. It can be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. Keeping a first aid kit in your vehicle should be considered as important as having car insurance.

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