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PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Organisations need to ensure that they provide their staff a safe workplace to work in. This includes providing procedures, training and instructions to ensure that all are working safely.

However, even when procedures are in place there may still be some hazards which could cause injuries to an employee’s body, anywhere from head to toe. Therefore, the organisation needs to reduce the risk of injury to the employee and the way to do this would be to provide the employee with PPE, Personal Protective Equipment.

Under the Personal Protective at Work Regulations 1992 employers are required to provide suitable PPE to employees if it is deemed necessary. The first step for an employer is to assess the risk, put in control measures and if the activity is still considered to be a risk then, PPE should be provided, free of charge. PPE should not be the first control measure that is introduced it is really the last resort. After the employer has identified the need for PPE the employer must then determine which PPE is suitable.

The Employer should offer training where necessary to ensure that employees are aware of how to use the PPE that has been provided. The training should also include how to clean and maintain the equipment given along with how to report any faults or damage that occurs.

It is recommended that any products chosen should carry the CE mark. Depending on the PPE required there are many options including; safety goggles, safety helmets, earplugs, gloves and safety boots.

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