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Why Do I Need a Sports Specific First Aid Kit?

Sports specific first aid kits are different to normal first aid kits due to the type of injury that may occur to the participants.

For example, a Rugby First Aid Kit will contain products to deal with wounds with heavy bleeding (Sterile Dressings, Wound Closure Strips, Low Adherent Dressing).
Hockey First Aid Kits should have Instant Ice Packs to apply to impact injuries from the hard ball or plaers sticks and of course Football First Aid Kits must contain the magic freeze spray which seems to fix all professional footballers instantly!!!

Some sport’s governing bodies will offer guidelines for what is a minimum requirement for first aid which helps clubs make the correct decision on content of the first aid kit. If not, think about the typical types of injuries that occur and either match them to a similar sporting activity which may have a specific kit or list the contents you will require for your first aid kit.

There are Sports First Aid training courses available which help develop skill, knowledge and confidence in administering first aid on the sport field. Attendees on these include Sports Coaches, Physiotherapists, Match and Club Officials, Teachers, Parents and anyone participating in the sports activity.

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