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Do I need Safety Signs in the Workplace?

Safety signs are important in the workplace. It provides everyone in the workplace with important health and safety instructions, warnings of hazards and providing instructions for emergency situations.

The Health and Safety Regulations 1996 requires that all employers provide safety signs if there are risks in the workplace. The signs can include what actions to take if an employee becomes unwell and general safety in the workplace.

There are many different types of signs that can be used in the workplace. All employers must undertake risk assessment of their Health and Safety risks to determine the types of signs they require in the workplace. The risk assessment should consider the following:
- Are there hazards in the workplace and who can be harmed by them;
- Are the existing precautions adequate to deal with any risks;

If the answer to both is yes then you will need safety signs. This type of signs required will depend on the type of workplace.

Danger Signs should be provided where a workplace has risks that can cause injuries or life threatening incidents if they occured.

Emergency Information Signs should be provided if there is a plan in emergency situations. This should include Emergency Exit Signs and Fire Alarm Call Points for alerting the workplace in the event of a fire.

No Smoking Signs are required in various parts of the workplace as smoking is not permited in enclosed workplaces.

There are many other health and safety signs that can be provided in the workplace. The choice is dependent on the type of workplace.

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