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How much Eyewash should I provide in the workplace?

A risk assessment of the activities being conducted on the work premises should be carried out to determine if there is a need to provide eyewash in the workplace. There may be a requirement for the provision of eyewash in environments such as were employees are exposed to dust or dirt or where chemicals are being used. Eyewash should be easily and quickly accessible to all employees who may be at risk from eye injury. This may mean that multiple eyewash points will need to be provided around the workplace.

Once a need for eyewash has been established each eyewash point or eyewash station must have a minimum of 1 litre of sterile eyewash available at all times, even immediately after use. As a result it is essential that either more than 1 litre of eyewash is available at each eyewash stations or additional eyewash supplies are kept on site that can be immediately accessed to replenish the used eyewash.

The required 1 litre of eyewash does not have to be supplied in on one bottle; it could be supplied for example by two 500ml bottles of eyewash or four 250ml bottles of eyewash.

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