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Microporous tape

Microporous Tape

Microporous tape is a lightweight beathable adhesive tape used for fixing dressings over wounds. Microporous tape, sometimes known as first aid tape is an essential component of any first aid kit whether it is in the workplace, sports clubs or a personal kit.

What are the benefits of the product?

The use of Microporous Tape when dressing wounds can assist in the healing process of the wound. Whilst the Microporous tape would not be applied directly to the wound and is used to adhere a dressing to the skin, the health of the skin around the wound is also important in the healing process.

The breathable nature of the tape allows the skin underneath the tape to breathe, preventing it from becoming irritated or broken. Irritated or broken skin could lead to infection that may spread to the wound and cause further complications.

Wound dressing often needs replacing on a regular basis and therefore the gentle nature of the Microporous Tape means that the skin does not become irritated with regular removal and re-application of the tape.

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