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HypaCool Instant Cold Packs

HypaCool Instant Cold Packs

Cold therapy is the most effective immediately after injury and for the first 48 hours. Cold therapy is used in the first stage of an injury to slow down the blood flowing into an injured area, reducing the swelling. HypaCool Instant Cold Packs are instant cooling therapy, ideal for emergency pitch-side use. The Cold Packs do not require to be placed in the freezer before and offer immediate cold therapy, only by squeezing them. To activate, you must locate the water filled bag conceled inside the pouch and squeeze until you feel it pop. This will alow the water to mix with the Urea Granules to create an ice cold pack. Instant Cold Pack is also known as Instant Ice Pack.

What are the benefits of the product?
Once activated this is an instant lightweight ready-to-use device that can be applied to the trauma. HypaCool Instant Cold Packs do not need to be placed in the freezer before being used and are ideal in case of an emergency. The packs are single use and can be disposed of easily once they have been used. They are the most cost effective mess-free way of providing cold therapy. They come in 2 different sizes depending on your needs, can be used for small to larger injuries including injuries on children.

Product Applications:

Pitch side use, i.e. football, rugby, hockey

Medical centres and OH sites

Schools and colleges

All first aid kits

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