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Hot or Cold Therapy?

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy should be used for immediate treatment of acute injuries. Applying cold therapy to the injured area will reduced swelling and pain as well as reducing the amount of internal bleeding at the site of the injury. Instant Cold Packs from provide instant cooling to injury without the need to be placed in a freezer. With each pack providing up to 30 minutes of cooling, it is an essential part of any sports first aid kit.

Heat Therapy

Whilst cold therapy is used to treat acute injuries heat therapy is used for treating chronic injuries and injuries with no inflammation or swelling. Heat therapy is ideal for treating joint pain and sore or stiff muscles. Heat therapy can be used by athletes prior to exercise in order to stimulate blood flow. It is also suitable for relaxing tight muscles. However it is best to use cold therapy on chronic injuries immediately after exercise. Heat therapy can be applied in a range of ways through the use of Hot Therapy Packs, Heat Rubs, Heat Sprays and Heat Patches.

Heat therapy should not be used on acute injuries because the heat stimulates blood circulation and therefore will increase swelling of the injured area.

A combined solution

All athletes are likely to need treatment for acute and chronic injuries at some point and therefore a HypaGel Hot/Cold Therapy Pack is ideal. Not only is this gel filled pack re-usable it can also be used for hot and cold treatments. The pack can be cooled by placing in the freezer or heated by placing in the Microwave. Because of its versatility HypaGel packs are a must for all sports first aid kits.

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