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The fitness website contains an online social network called Fitness Buddy, aimed at Londoners who are looking for a gym or sports buddy. It’s the brainchild of London personal trainer Dominic Londesborough.

Fitness Buddy is free to join. Simply register your preferred activity, your skill level, days/times you’re available, and a brief profile. Then you can search for a buddy in your area who matches you preferences, and message them through the website to arrange a gym workout or any one of 10 fitness activities, including tennis, squash and badminton.

A Fitness Buddy will encourage you to socialise and exercise at the same time. You’ll enjoy some friendly competition, encourage each other to achieve more than you’d do alone, and give each other tips on technique.

Psychologists say that the people you choose to spend your time with can literally shape the person you become. A Fitness Buddy will help you get leaner, fitter, and healthier too.

Why not arrange to meet up at regular times each week, until exercise becomes a natural part of your life? If evenings are no good, why not get up a bit earlier and meet up before work, or at lunchtime, or straight after work, or even at the weekend? Fitness Buddy can help Londoners get more active and into sports.

Go find a Fitness Buddy today! Just go to

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