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What first aid provision should be provided in schools?

Schools are considered workplaces and therefore are required to provided sufficient first aid provision as set out by The Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. For organisations such as schools the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) recommends that that services for staff, pupils and visitors are taken into consideration.

Each individual school should conduct their own assessment of the first aid provisions required as this will vary from school to school and depend on a range of factors. Key considerations should include:

  • The size of the school
  • Is the school spilt over a number of levels and/or sites?
  • Is the school easily accessible to emergency services?
  • Are there any specific hazards, such as hazardous substances, dangerous tools or machinery or building and maintenance work?
  • Are there any specific health needs such as staff or pupils with disabilities?

Each of these factors should be taken into account when determining the first aid requirements for the school. As the combination of these factors are not likely to be the same for any two schools it is essential each school evaluates and implements their own specific requirements.

A delegated manager, usually the head teacher (but it does not have to be), must ensure that all staff are informed of the first aid arrangements for the school and of location of equipment, facilities and first aid personnel.

All school first aid equipment must be easily accessible and clearly labelled. If there are multiple sites at least one fully stocked kit should be provided per site.

A nominated person should be responsible for checking each of the first aid kits in the school. These checks should be conducted regularly to ensure that used items are replaced as soon as possible after use and that expired stock is quickly replaced. Extra first aid stock should be kept in the school to allow refilling to take place without delay.

Source: Department for Education

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