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Which First Aid Kit do I need for a food handling environments?

Workplaces on which catering and food handling activities are being conducted are subject to the same workplace first aid rules as other workplaces in accordance with The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981. This means that employers are required to provide sufficient first aid supplies in the workplace in accordance with the outcome of a risk assessment of the work being conducted on the site. British Standard Compliant First Aid Kits have been designed to provide the minimum first aid provision for dealing with the most common injuries in the modern day workplace.

At we have available a range of British Standard Compliant Catering First Aid Kits designed specifically for use in catering and food handling environments. Whilst these kits contain the same content as the British Standard Workplace First Aid Kits, the plasters and waterproof adhesive strapping have been replaced with blue versions.

The use of blue plasters and blue strapping is recommended for first aid kits in food handling and catering environments because no food is naturally coloured blue, therefore making them easy to spot if they come lose and fall. Standard tan or brown coloured plasters are likely to blend in with foods. Additionally blue plasters contain a small metal detectable strip making them easily identifiable by metal detectors often used in food production processes.

These kits provide the ideal combination of assisting employers in complying with health and safety regulations whilst meeting the unique needs of catering and food handling environments.

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