The obvious place for First Aid

Why should I have a First Aid Kit in my car?

Currently there is no legal requirement for UK drivers to have to have First Aid Kits in their cars. In many countries across Europe this is legal requirement. In many of the European countries that have a legal requirement to have first aid kits, there is also a law known as The Good Samaritans Law. This law requires any driver to provide assistance at the scene of an accident, even if they were not involved in causing the accident. The requirement is mandatory and any failure to offer assistance in can be a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of 5 years imprisonment or a £50,000 fine. For UK motorists travelling to Europe a First Aid Kit is a must. For those not travelling to the continent, a first aid kit could prove significant in an emergency.

In the UK, unfortunately many vehicles do not contain First Aid Kits. Statistics suggest drivers will have at least one accident in their lifetime. When a vehicle accident occurs, there is a good probability that those involved may suffer shock or trauma. A good First Aid Kit in a vehicle can help to minimise the effect or even prevent death while waiting for emergency services.

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