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Where should my Eyewash Station be located?

Although most of us these days are more aware of potential hazards in the workplace, there are still issues with non-compliance with the use of protective eyewear and emergency eyewash safety standards.

Eyewash Solution Stations should never be substituted for suitable Personal Protective Goggles.

Eyewash Stations should be situated where hazards are more evident e.g. Factory Floors, near Lathes and Grinding Wheels, Industrial Cutting Equipment, Forklift Chargers and Forklift inspection areas and any other place where dust or splash debris may occur.

Your Eyewash Station should be fixed to the wall and within close proximity to the hazard area, be on the same level without obstacles such as stairways or other obstruction. The Eyewash Station should always be clearly signed.

It is important to regularly inspect your Eyewash Station to ensure expiry dates are still valid, used receptacles are replenished as well as the damaged bottles.

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