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Are all eyewash bottles the same?

The simple answer is no. There are three main differences in eyewash bottles in commonly sold in the UK.

Traditionally the majority of eyewash bottles sold in the UK have been a simple bottle design with a twist off cap and no eye cup. With these products you simply poor the opened bottle in the direction of the eye to provide rinsing. These bottles tend to be the lowest cost option for a bottle of eyewash.


However with traditional eyewash bottles like this is extremely difficult to ensure that the fluid is directed correctly into the eye resulting in significant waste and uneffective irrigation. The design of the bottle also means that irrigation from a 500ml bottle eyewash will only last a few seconds. Medical research shows that continual irrigation over a longer period of time is one of the key success factors in treating eye injuries.

Eyewash bottles with eye cups, like the Cederroth 235ml and 500ml eyewash bottles eliminate the problems associated with traditional eyewash bottles. The eye cup ensures that the crucial fluid is directed to the eye where it is needed, maximising irrigation. The unique design of the eye cup on the Cederroth product also means that with a single 500ml bottle of eyewash you can irrigate the eye for over 90 seconds continually. This helps to significantly reduce potential long term damage from eye injuries and eye contamination.


Eyewash formulation

The majority of eyewash bottles sold in the UK contain a simple sterile 0.9% saline solution. This is basically a very dilute sterile salty solution. The effect of this eyewash formulation is a simple flushing effect, which removes particles or contaminants in the eye.

However, it has been common practice in Europe and in the United States to use buffered neutralising eyewash solutions. These eyewash solutions have enhanced formulations to not only flush contaminants from the eye but chemical properties that help to neutralise the effect of acids or alkalis while they may still be within the eye causing damage.

Cederroth 235ml and 500ml eyewash contain a unique neutralising buffered formulation which significantly helps to reduce the effects of chemical contamination of the eye. The products have extensive independent testing to prove that this formulation is significantly more effective at bringing the pH level in the eye back to safe levels than if you irrigate with traditional sterile saline eyewash or tap water.

Shelf life

Many eyewash bottles in the UK have a three year expiry period from the date of manufacture. This can be frustrating and costly if unused eyewash bottles need to be replaced bacause the expiry date has passed.

Cederroth eyewash has a long 4.5 years expiry from the date of manufacture, which significantly reduce the need and cost of replacing expired eyewash bottles with short shelf lifes.

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