The obvious place for First Aid

As an Employer do I need a First Aider?

Many very small employers are often not sure if they need a first aider in their workplace and what the minimum requirement is?

As an employer you are responsible for making sure your employees receive immediate and appropriate treatment if they fall ill or they are injured at work. To be able to do this you need to have appropriate first aid arrangements in the workplace. To do this you will need to do a first aid needs assessment. The findings of the first aid needs assessment will enable you to decide how many first aiders you need and what first aid equipment your company will need.

As a minimum you will need the following:

  • A suitably stocked first aid box;
  • An appointed person to be in control of first aid arrangements;
  • Information that will be provided to all employees on the first aid arrangements.

If after the first aid needs assessment you decide you need a first aider. The first aider must be trained in first aid by an approved first aid training organisation.

In addition to having a first aider or an appointed person, you will also need to report and keep record of certain injuries, incidents and cases of work related diseases. This is a legal requirement under health and safety law.

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