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Elastic Adhesive Bandages

Elastic Adhesive Bandages (commonly referred to as EAB) are made from a flexible elasticated fabric designed to hold itself. The bandages are made with a blend of cotton to make them more comfortable however, the thickness of the bandage does not allow it to be easily torn, meaning you will require scissors or bandage sheers. The adhesive of the EAB is of good quality, making it easy to mould and work with.

The EAB remains securely in place without loosening, adhering only to itself and not to the skin. This is beneficial as it allows the bandages to be removed easily and without any pain.

Most of these bandages come in latex to give them great elasticity but means they aren’t ideal for direct wound application. Alternatively, if you are allergic to them there are 100% latex-free varieties available.

 So what are EAB tapes best used for?

The EAB tapes are best used for compression – helping to control swelling (oedema) and reducing internal bleeding (haemorrhage).

They are also great for supporting joints and muscles, used for strains, sprains and contusions (bruises).

EAB tapes can also be used as a fixing tape for fixing splints as well as securing hot or cold packs on an injured body part. They are also used at spas to secure body wraps.

Another way of applying EAB tapes are as a pressure tape used for promoting circulation and healing.

We supply a comprehensive range of EAB tapes all uniquely designed and effective to cover both sporting and medical needs. They also are available in different sizes for use in different body areas.

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