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What is the difference between washproof plasters and waterproof plasters?

Despite the terms washproof and waterproof being very similar they mean distinctly different things when it comes to choosing a suitable plaster for your workplace.

Fabric plasters are good heavy duty plasters and tend to have good levels of adhesion but are not good if they come into contact with water, so fabric plasters are generally not either washproof or waterproof. If you are working in conditions where you may come into contact with water, it is wise not to choose fabric plasters.

Most ‘plastic’ plasters in the UK whether they are pink, clear or blue are washproof plasters. This is a generic term given to plasters which have some water resistant properties. In the real world this means they will repel some water that they come into contact with. However if you are wearing a plaster on your hand and attempting to wash up in a sink it is likely that a washproof plaster would quickly lose its adhesion and fall off.

The term waterproof plaster is only used by manufacturers who tend to use higher grade technical materials and adhesives. These manufacturers also carry out extensive testing to prove that their waterproof plasters can in fact be used in water without losing their adhesion. Therefore waterproof plasters are ideal in environments like catering and food processing where workers need to have the confidence that they can wear their plasters even in wet conditions without them falling off.

Safety First Aid recommends the following waterproof plasters:

Coverplast Detectable Blue Plasters
Coverplast Barrier Plasters
Cederroth Blue detectable plasters which are used on conjunction with the unique patented Cederroth plaster dispenser. works closely with both the manufacturers of these products and we have confidence that each of these products can be genuinely termed waterproof plasters. If you are working in a wet environment we recommend that you choose one of these options for your workplace.

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