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Coverplast X-Ray Detectable Plasters

What is the product?

Coverplast plaster is a unique product, as it is the only X-Ray detectable, waterproof plaster available in the UK using tungsten particles along with Aluminium strips and particles of Iron hidden below the absorbent and low adhesive lint pad, to make it totally metal detectable and coloured brilliant blue for wasy visual identification. It is a polyurethane film material which is kind to skin and is available in various shapes and sizes.

What are the benefits of the product?

The brilliant blue colour ensures that they are easily visible and detectable. Tungsten allows X-ray detectors to identify these plasters as foreign bodies, giving peace of mind in food production areas where metallic packaging is present. These plasters also have particles of iron and thin strips of aluminium to ensure that all metal detectors will identify their presence. Being waterproof, body fluid and blood is prevented from seeping from beneath the plaster. They are non perforated micro porous which allows the skin to breath preventing buid up of moisture and loosening of the dressing. The adhesive is a skin friendly acrylic base. Coverplast plasters are resistant to fat and oil type substances.

There is a good choice of shapes and sizes available either as individual packs or an assortment in one box.

Product Application

Coverplast plasters can be used on abrasions, minor cuts and lacerations. They are particularly useful in all food and drink manufacture, processing and handling situations.

Also ideal in restaurants, bars, food shops.

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