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Why is a compression cuff required?

A compression cuff also known as a Hot & Cold Therapy Cover will hold instant hold hot, instant cold packs or reusable hot/cold paks directly to any part of the body/limbs and provide compression to aid therapy.

What are the benefits of the product?

The compression cuff has an elastic band which wraps around the body/limb to hold either the ice pack or the hot pack securely in place. Cold Therapy as well as Hot Therapy should never be applied directly to the skin without a barrier between the skin and the therapy used to prevent heat or freeze burns. The Compression Cuff therefore allows a safe administration of the treatment required.

Alternating hot and cold therapy can be a form of pain relief and treatment for recovery from muscle tears, overuse injuries and chronic joint pain. Being able to be used with both of the treatments, the Compression Cuff allows alternating the treatments without damaging the skin.

Holding the hot or cold packs directly to any part of the body with the help of the elastic band provides comfort of movement as well as the option of administering the treatment while at work or on the move, without restricting your activity.

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