The obvious place for First Aid

Why choose a First Aid Cabinet?

First aid cabinets can provide the ideal storage solution for first aid contents in workplaces for a number of reasons. Whilst standard first aid kits can provide storage for the required first aid content, once items from the kit have been used the first aid kit could be under stocked and therefore not contain sufficient supplies to deal with subsequent incidents requiring first aid treatment.

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 state that employers must supply a first aid kit with sufficient supplies for the specific circumstances. In addition, the regulations also state taht a sufficient stock of first aid contents should be kept on site. The use of first aid cabinets can provide space to store the required amount of content as well as additional supplies of each item meaning that even after content has been used to treat a casualty there should be enough content remaining to deal with other first aid incidents. First aid cabinets therefore are an appropriate solution for all workplaces but can be specifically useful in workplaces where employees are at a higher risk of injury resulting in higher usage of first aid supplies.

Our range of first aid cabinets include both floor and wall mountable options providing a fixed and visible location for first aid supplies.

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