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What checks should I do on my defibrillator?

Checking that your defibrillator is ready to be used should be a daily routine. It is a very simple check on most defibrillator units, usually a visual check. There is no need to open your defibrillator, this will start the “get ready cycle” and will drain the baterry. This could be classed as misuse of the battery and even put any warranty in jeopardy.

Daily check sheet should include;

  • Is the Defibrillator in its designated location?
  • Is there any obvious damage to the unit?
  • Is the unit clean?
  • Is the unit beeping?
  • Are there any warning lights on?
  • Are the electrodes in date?

All good defibrillators will draw your attention if there is a problem, they are designed to be ready for use at any point, so automatic checks are carried out internally on a regular basis (daily, weekly and monthly)

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