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Cederroth Soft Foam Bandage

What is the ptoduct?


Cederroth Foam Bandage is a self-adhesive, foam, elastic bandage.


What are the benefits of the product?


The bandage is self adhesive so it doesn’t contain glue and will not stick to skin or hair. The foam nature of the bandage allows it to be moulded around the individual shape of each user, making it ideal for use on fingers, toes, hands and legs. The unique fit makes it very comfortable and allows maximum freedom of movement.


The bandage is water absorbent, meaning it will remain in place in water. It can also be used together with ointments and creams depending on the needs.


Our range includes a blue soft foam bandage, designed for safe and hygienic use in kitchens.


Product should not be used if allergic to latex.


Product Applications:


To be applied on most kinds of cuts to protect the wound and stem blood flow.

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