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Can I use my Defibrillator for training?

It is not recommended to use a live defibrillator unit for training purposes. All main stream defibrillators manufacturers make a training unit for exactly this.

Why use a training unit?

There are several reasons why it is recommended to use a training unit:

  1. if you take a live unit from its designated location then you are taking it out of action and it is there to help someone’s life!
  2. Using a live unit for training may result in reducing the life of the battery and the live defibrillator might not be working when needed.
  3. Live defibrillator units are potentially dangerous if misused.
  4. Training units use a different power supply and will not deliver a shock.
  5. Training units look exactly like a live unit and are the safe option to learn how to use live defibrillators.

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