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Alcohol Hand Gel as a substitute to Handwashing

Research done on the NHS over the last two decades suggests that the routine hospital practice of handwashing with soap and water is unacceptably low. Some of the research suggests compliance could be less than 50%, leading to increased risk to patients. There are various reasons given in some of the research for the poor compliance record, including a lack of time.

In recent times the NHS has worked diligently to increase the rate of compliance. The initiatives introduced to try and increase compliance include educating healthcare workers on the importance of handwashing and increasing the number of accessible sinks. These initiatives have not lead to a marked improvement in compliance.

The use of alcohol based hand gels could be an alternative to handwashing. Alcohol hand gels are as effective as handwashing in preventing cross transmission of micro-organisms. Handrubbing with an alcohol based hand gel takes less time that handwahing with soap and water and will increase the compliance rates in the NHS and other healthcare providers.

Alcohol Hand Gel are also ideal for workplaces as well as for people on the road.

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